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Decades of Dedication Crafting BC's Finest Fruits

Through numerous decades, the Sandher family and their devoted employees have been hard at work in the heart of British Columbia's interior. Their enduring commitment has allowed them to develop an intricate understanding of the land and refine their agricultural methods over time. Sandher Fruit Packers' high-quality fruits are a product of this wealth of experience, sustained hard work, and determined perseverance.


The story of Sandher Fruit Packers unfolds nearly four decades ago when Bill Sandher, alongside his brother and father, embarked on a journey of hope and opportunity by immigrating to British Columbia. Their homeland of India, despite their tireless efforts, couldn't offer the economic prospects they sought.


Bill and his family bore the weight of adversity from a young age when they suffered the loss of their mother. Ten brothers were thrust into a situation where daily survival was the primary objective. It encompassed more than just improving their farming skills, it also involved strategizing ways to secure sustenance and efficiently manage their household affairs. This early chapter of their lives was marked by hardship, a testament to their resilience and the unbreakable bond that holds them together.


The Sandher family received sponsorship from Bill's older sister, a Canadian citizen who envisioned a brighter future for her siblings in British Columbia. Although it wasn't immediately clear, her foresight ultimately proved right, setting the stage for the Sandher’s remarkable journey in 1987.


At the young age of 18, Bill began his venture in the agricultural industry, working alongside his family. Their journey commenced as fruit pickers, traversing the vast interior to harvest a variety of fruits on farms requiring additional hands. The hours were grueling, the labor demanding, and the mental and physical demands became challenging to manage. 


For those who've experienced fruit picking, it's a demanding job that tests one's strength. Yet, through the trials and tribulations, the Sandher family’s hard efforts over the years in agriculture laid the foundation for the flourishing empire of Sander Fruit Packers that we see today. 


In 1989, Bill and his brothers were presented with the opportunity to lease a piece of land and cultivate apples on an existing orchard. Although they were grateful for this chance to operate their orchard, the journey remained difficult. The orchard struggled to meet its potential, at times causing the Sandher brothers to contemplate leaving agriculture altogether.


A few years later, in 1995, the Sandher family decided to give the orchard one last chance. Bill replanted all the trees, investing every bit of knowledge he had gained through his years of experience working in the field of agriculture. It was a true testament to his skills and determination.


The orchard not only survived but thrived, setting the stage for numerous triumphs in the years that followed. They began by acquiring the land on which the orchard stood, gradually expanding their operations to encompass cherries, new orchards, and a modern fruit packing facility.


Over the course of three decades, the Sandher family has diligently shaped their enterprise into the global powerhouse it stands as today. Bill Sandher, with the consistent support of his wife Sukhi, and their sons Gurtaj and Prabtaj, now cultivates a variety of apple and cherry varieties and processes them within their state-of-the-art facility. Their enduring journey exemplifies the spirit of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.


Current Day





The Sandher family, led by Bill with support from his wife and sons, operates a successful enterprise cultivating various apple and cherry varieties within a modern facility.

Bill replanted all trees on their first owned orchard, leveraging his knowledge, determination, and experience.

The Sandher brothers lease land to cultivate apples, facing initial challenges and contemplating leaving agriculture.

Bill, at 18, starts working in agriculture as a fruit picker, gaining initial experience.

Bill Sandher and his family immigrate to British Columbia, Canada, seeking economic opportunities.

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