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Excellence Rooted in Decades

The delightful Sandher fruit you savor today is the result of enduring decades of perfection. The Sandher family's relentless efforts have been dedicated to cultivating the finest apples and cherries in the Okanagan, while continually enhancing their processes and products to bring you the very best fruit.


At the heart of our philosophy is a deep commitment to quality, and the Sandher family understands that stringent standards must be upheld at every stage of a fruit's journey. To achieve this elevated level of quality control, Sandher Fruit Packers employs a strategy known as vertical integration.


Vertical integration means that Sandher Fruit Packers oversees the entire fruit process, from inception to the final destination. From the moment the fruit tree is planted to the day our fruit graces the shelves of your local grocery store, our family is hands-on. We nurture, harvest, meticulously clean, sort, pack, ship, and market our products, ensuring their quality remains uncompromised.


In our view, quality stands as the paramount concern in the world of fruit, and we refuse to compromise on it. You can be confident that every single apple and cherry we share with your family has been cultivated and cared for with the utmost dedication and attention to detail by our family.


Our Commitment to Quality Fruit for Your Family

We oversee the entire fruit growing and packaging process, from its inception to its final destination. This end-to-end control ensures that your family can select high-quality, delicious fruit at your local store with confidence. Sandher Fruit Packers takes charge of every aspect, encompassing the farms, the fruit, and the facilities that bring you your favourite BC apples and cherries

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